This week we are looking at Jesus entering into Jerusalem. This is the beginning of Passion Week. As we consider this, we are going to examine our on view of Jesus as well as our walk with Him. May God help us to grow closer to Him through how He is working in our lives.

Family Discussion Questions

Family Discussion Questions

1) Who is Jesus? Don’t just give facts about what He has done, who is He? With others, list some Scripture that talks about who Jesus is.

2) In what ways can we be different than this world? Can people look at you and know that you are a follower of Christ? Think about this practically, how does following Jesus change you?

3) Do you actually spend time alone with God? Do you regularly read Scripture? Do you regularly pray? How can we commit do grow closer to Jesus?

4) Why do you think people might have walked away from following Jesus?

5) Do people today still profess to follow Christ but then later on in life walk away? Why do you think this is?

6) As you think about Christ this week, what does His sacrifice really mean to you?

7) Will you take some time to reflect on what you are most passionate about in this life? Has COVID-19 taken that away from you? How can you re-focus to where Christ is what you are MOST passionate about?