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Here are some examples of what your gifts could do:

  • $2 per week/$100 per year = 50 Bibles to new Christians in Cuba
  • $6 per week / $300 per year = fire wood for a widow in Romania for a winter
  • $10 per week/$500 per year = full time annual salary for a pastor in Liberia
  • $24 per week/$1200 per year = full time salary for a teacher at our school in Haiti
  • $40 per week/$2000 per year = provides funds for an FBJ family working with Muslims
  • $50 per week/$2500 per year = provides medication distributed on medical mission trips
  • $80 per week/$4000 per year = provides addiction recovery program for one of our own
  • $100 per week/$5000 per year = provides discipleship in our local high schools

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The Riley Medical Clinic is a nonprofit facility staffed entirely by volunteers. The goal of the clinic is to minister to both the medical and spiritual needs of our community.

Medical services are free of charge to those without medical insurance who are seeking non-emergency medical care. The clinic is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings and sees patients by appointment only. Space is limited and picture identification is required.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Mary at 770-471-0441.