FBC Jonesboro
Monday, July 28, 2014

Discipleship Training

First Baptist Jonesboro lives to glorify God by making disciples who invest in other people and impact the nations.

The Names of God in the Old Testament
Teacher: Glen Howe
May 28 - August 6, 11 am in Fellowship Hall Room "B" & 6 pm in the Chapel

For most of us, our names simply identify us. However, in the Bible, God’s names and titles are windows into His character. In this 11-week study we will look at the three main names and eight compound names of God used in the Old Testament. Each study is designed to give you a clearer understanding of who God is and how to call upon the God who heals, protects and provides.
Grace-Based Parenting
Teacher: Shanna Hand
May 28 - July 30, 6 pm, Fellowship Hall, Room C

Great Characters of the Bible
Teacher: Hazel Clayton
Continuous Class, 6 pm, Library

Every Wednesday evening at 6 pm Hazel Clayton leads a study in the Library on the Great Characters of the Bible. Bible characters to be studied between mid-May and the end of August include Elijah, Elisha, King David, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Solomon, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and many more. You are welcome to join this study at any time. There is a $10 charge for the workbook.

Secret Church: Exploring the Holy Spirit
Teacher: David Platt (on-line)
Available May-August

This is more than three hours of teaching by David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church of Brook Hills, and is available online through Ministry Grid. David explores the understanding, work, mysteries and miracles of the Holy Spirit in the Bible and in the Church today. This study will be available in the May-August time frame. You must have a Membership Code to view this series. Membership Codes are available for free by calling Leisa Martin at the church office at 770.478.6710. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of this study.

Children of The Day (Beth Moore) 
Teachers: Coni Henry & Sondra Howe
4:15 – 5:45 pm, Room 205, starts September 14
Join Beth Moore for a brand new verse-by-verse Bible study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. You will learn that God’s timing is impeccable in all things as well as receive encouragement now and hope for when Christ returns.
Idol Addiction (co-ed) 
Teachers: Brenda Jackson, Billie Flournoy & Glen Howe
4:15 – 5:45 pm, Room 240, starts September 14
Approval, family and career are among the host of false gods we look to for our security and satisfaction. Rather than freeing us, these idols erode our connection with God and one another. Open to men and women.
Luke: Who Is This Man Who Forgives Sin? (Precept)   
Teacher: Gail Maddox
9 am, ROC T-15/16 and  6:30 pm, ROC T-15/16, starts August 12
Learn from the words of Christ and His relationships with common people to know what it really means “to follow Him.” Hear what Jesus taught about the kingdom of God and how to be prepared for the difficult times.
Great Characters of the Bible   
Teacher: Hazel Clayton
6 pm, Library, Continuous Class, start anytime
This ongoing study will look at the life of Peter, Mary, Paul, Martha, Barnabas, and others. Workbooks are $10.
Basic Christian Doctrine, Part 1    
Teacher: Glen Howe
11 am, Fellowship Hall “B” and  6 pm, Room 205, starts September 3
Knowing sound doctrine helps us to know God, and knowing sound doctrine enables us to enjoy the God we know. Key foundational Bible doctrines will be covered.
Nehemiah: Conquering the Impossible     
Teacher: Jane Barnard
6 pm, Room 112, starts September 3
Do you ever feel like just throwing in the towel? Would you like inner resolve and determination to press on in spite of the difficulties and setbacks? Nehemiah is going to show you how to keep going when you feel like giving up.
The Camel Method      
Teacher: Dr. Lanny Loe
6 pm, Chapel, starts September 3
For too long the Christian response to Islam has been fear, fight or flight. In this class you will learn why thousands of Muslims are turning to Christ and how to confidently share the Gospel with Muslims. 
The Family Project       
Teacher: Larry Willburn
6 pm, Fellowship Hall “B,” starts September 3
This study will help families understand their personal significance in God’s great plan, equip them to live with an eternal perspective, and teach them to model God’s design for family to the world around them.  
Overcoming Emotions That Destroy       
Teachers: Betty Kirkstetter & Debra Cook
5:45 pm, Fellowship Hall “A,” starts September 3
This Chip Ingram study provides practical help for those whose angry feelings have ruined relationships. Learn to identify your anger and how to use practical biblical tools to express it appropriately.   
John, Part III (Chapters 12-21) (Precept)       
Teacher: Ann Daugherty
10:30 am, ROC, T-15/16, starts September 5
John’s exciting book will introduce you to Christ and help you get to know Him better. In Part III, Jesus, The True Vine you will inductively discover what was on Jesus’ heart in those hours preceding His death, burial, and resurrection. 
Heaven, It’s Not What You Think It Is       
6 pm, ROC, T-15/16, starts August 2
In this six-part DVD series, Chip Ingram digs into scripture to reveal what our heavenly home will be like... what we’ll do there... what we’ll experience... and how we’re to prepare for eternity today. Class is open to all ages.