FBC Jonesboro
Sunday, April 20, 2014

Discipleship Training

First Baptist Jonesboro lives to glorify God by making disciples who invest in other people and impact the nations.

Daniel, Part 1 – Living Out A Biblical Worldview (Precept)
Teacher: Gail Maddox
9 am & 6:30 pm, ROC, T-15/16, starts January 7
Threatened with death, Daniel refused to adopt a pagan lifestyle. His worldview had God at the center, and he lived it out despite extreme pressure. This inductive Bible study will cover Daniel chapters 1-6.
Daniel, Part 2 – Gaining Understanding of the Time of the End (Precept)
Teacher: Gail Maddox
9 am & 6:30 pm, ROC, T-15/16, starts March 11
Daniel knew what God said about the end times, yet it didn't deter him from impacting those in his present circumstances. Learn how to live in the days ahead. This study will cover Daniel chapter 7-12.
Unraveling the Mystery of the Church (Ephesians)
Teacher: Roy McLaughlin
6 pm, Chapel, starts January 22
The central theme of Ephesians is what Paul calls “the mystery.” By that, Paul means that God has revealed a wonderful truth that was not made known until now. This class will seek to unravel the mystery of the body of Christ as they study this book.

David – Shepherd, Warrior, King
Teacher: Jane Barnard
6 pm, Room 112, starts January 22
How can such an inconsistent man be considered someone after God’s own heart? David’s heart beat with God’s not because he was perfect, but because he was devoted. One passion was greater than all others; his desire to know and obey God.

Great Characters of the Bible
Teacher: Hazel Clayton
6 pm, Library, starts January 8 (continues through Dec. 2014)
As you study 61 special people of the Bible in this book, you will see that God is the same today as He was in Bible days, that He still works through people, and that by studying them, we can see how the Holy Spirit equips and empowers us for service.

Covenant Marriage
Teacher: Larry & Valerie Wilburn
5:45 pm, Fellowship Hall - Room B, starts February 5
This study of key marriage passages in both the Old and New Testament will show God’s design and purpose for marriage. All the principles for having a healthy marriage are found in the Bible, and “Covenant Marriage” will help you discover and apply them.
Daniel (1-6)
Teacher: Don Henry
6 pm, Fellowship Hall - Room A, starts January 22
The Book of Daniel clearly shows the battle between good and evil. God’s divine plan for mankind and His power over nations is revealed. Develop a spiritual strength to resist temptation and renew a sense of God’s power in your life.
Me, Myself, & Lies (women’s Bible study)
Facilitators: Coni Henry & Sondra Howe
5:30 pm, Fellowship Hall - Room C, starts January 22
Words are powerful. Especially the words women speak to themselves. This seven-week study taught by Jennifer Rothschild encourages women to clean out the junk in their minds and replace hidden negative thoughts with positive truths from God’s Word.
The Heart & Holiness of God
Teacher: Glen Howe
11 am, ROC - Cornerstone Room, starts January 22
We serve a God who wants us to know Him, to know His heart. Apart from the Cross, there is no other place in Scripture where the heart of God is revealed any clearer than in the Ten Commandments. As you study each command you will gain a fresh glimpse of the unapproachable holiness of Almighty God.
John, Part 2 – The Light of the World (Precept)
Teacher: Ann Daughtry
10:30 am, ROC, T-15/16, starts January 10
This 8-week Precept inductive Bible study will cover John chapters 7-11. Learn to walk in Jesus as the Light of the Word, and your personal relationship with Him will become more intimate.